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You wake up to find yourself in a mysterious dungeon with nothing but a lamp, a compass, some shabby equipment, and a deep want to unearth the secrets of this accursed place and claim the prize at the top. Will it be worth all the horrors you'll face?

Dungeons of Rhamdon II is a hardcore first-person pseudo-3D roguelite action RPG dungeon crawler stylized after old PC games, developed by a single person locked in quarantine. Inspired by classics like King's Field and Heretic.

The game is still in development, but already features:

  • 10 weapon classes, including ranged and throwing weapons, with real dual wielding!
  • 24 spells, plus 32 enchantments for items!
  • 5 different dungeon types, each with their own properties, enemies and bosses!
  • 3 game modes, including an infinite descent through an inverted dungeon, and an insane chaos mode!
  • Many interactable objects like traps, crates, wells, portals, cards, bells, shady characters and, of course, chests full of loot!
  • A kick button!

Try the BETA now for free! Remember to rate and share the game to help support its development.

Controls can be customized with full gamepad support, and there's also a tutorial in-game.

W, A, S, D
Mouse / Arrow Keys
Left Mouse Button / CtrlAttack
Right Mouse Button / AltDefend
QCast Spell
Mouse Wheel / Z / XSwitch Spell
E, CInteract
FLight or Extinguish Lamp

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Dungeons Of Rhamdon II Beta v1.71.zip 49 MB

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I'm enjoying it so far, also did you use some Morrowind sfx?

Glad you're having fun!

And yes, of course! I couldn't resist after finding those sweet sfx in free sound libraries.