Real fake lights!

A quick, but definitely not small, update to the game's visuals.

  • New, fake lighting system!
  • More numerous and varied decorations for each dungeon.
  • New style for the weapons, they now blend better with the enviroment and enemies.
  • Several adjustments to fog and darkness, including enemy sight. The dungeons are now darker, and slightly more colorful.
  • Better icons for spears, staves, bows, potions and oils.
  • Slightly better coloring for the enemy sprites.
  • Useless accessories no longer drop.
  • Fixed tools' descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue with 3D audio, it now always works properly.
  • Fixed issues with kicking enemies into crates and other enemies.
  • The Unknown is now the Nameless.
  • Other small adjustments.

Now it's ready for SBGames 2020!


Dungeons Of Rhamdon II Beta SBGames 50 MB
Sep 12, 2020

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