Gameplay Improvements

Now that the visual part of the game is sorted out (for now), this week I focused on implementing improvements to the gameplay based on the feedback I got from AGDG's Demo Day 34.

  • Attacks now hit-stun enemies for a brief time, enough to get a good hit in but not enough to stun-lock them with LMB spam (without a high AGI/quick weapons build).
  • Slight improvements to enemy detection and movement code.
  • Wells' random effects are now the same as potions.
  • Spell casting speed, for both player and enemies, is now slightly slower.
  • Improved the performance hit when returning to the title screen.
  • The window size option is back, as I found a better way to render the pixelization of the game.
  • Fixed some weirdness with the pet slime's behaviour.
  • Some more minor fixes.

Don't forget to check the game out at SBGames 2020 too!


Dungeons Of Rhamdon II Beta SBGames 49 MB
Sep 19, 2020

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