A lot more fixes and improvements

It's nothing special, but it's honest work.

  • Fixed Mr. Handy of the hole shrinking weapons when he grabs them.
  • Improvements to the automapping system.
  • Corpses are slightly darker.
  • Fixed a bug that killed sound in Chaos mode.
  • Hitstun on attack/spell hit now scales with the damage dealt.
  • Attacks no longer cancel the Parry Stagger of the target.
  • Moss now only creates White Potions.
  • Attacks done with the Phasing ring equipped will now break crates.
  • Fixed a crash when destroying an item that was in the Combine slot.
  • Fixed a big graphic bug in the ending cutscene.

But next week, there'll be a total door keys rework, and probably a couple of new traps!


Dungeons Of Rhamdon II Beta SBGames 2020-6.zip 49 MB
Oct 03, 2020

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