BETA version 1.6

It's about time we got a big gameplay update after all the visual improvements.

  • 2 new traps: An arrow-shooting totem and moving spinning blades!
  • Door keys rework:
    • Rusty Keys are now Lock Picks.
    • Lock Picks can be crafted and found in chests, but not on the ground (like the Golden Keys that unlock red chests can).
    • Only doors to dead end rooms, which contain treasure or special objects, can be locked.
    • This means that these Lock Picks are a resource that can be managed and used later for better rewards, or to ease bad situations.
  • Equipment rebalance to make each of them more distinct and offer more gameplay variety in general, plus new and improved animations.
  • More obstacles (like stalagmites and tables) can be generated per room.
  • Better dungeon generation, specially for the Chaos mode.
  • Level ups are slightly more frequent.
  • Better action speed formula, so less super fast or super slow weapons.
  • Simple interaction prompts are more subtle.
  • Other small fixes.

Next update: Weapon enchantments and more magic ring effects!


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