The arcane update!

This update is another big one, chock full of new content!

  • Weapons can now be enchanted with 16 new special effects!
  • New item type: Artifacts, rare reusable items with random effects, and costs!
  • Melee enemies can now lunge at the player, covering a good distance and dealing damage. Lunges can be blocked, parried and dodged just like normal attacks.
  • Big changes to ailments:
    • Confusion now reverses the controls and Paralysis now slows instead of fully stopping.
    • Headache was replaced with Panic which has Confusion's previous effect (lose control and act randomly).
    • Cramp now disables blocking, and Root disables dodging.
    • Bosses now have double HP but overall half VIT, which means they can be more easily afflicted with body status ailments.
    • Enemies are now alerted when afflicted with status ailments.
  • New craftable item: Inscribed Rune, which enchants a weapon with a random effect.
  • Menu option for adjusting the head bobbing.
  • Improvements to the Cave dungeon's textures.
  • The game is slightly less dark (field of vision stays the same).
  • Adjustments to the pixelization filter.
  • Adjustments to the effects of magic rings.
  • Slight adjustments to the princess enemy's sprites.
  • The HUD compass has unfortunately passed away, let us pay our respects to it.
  • Spells cost slightly more Magic to cast, and buff spells are slightly less efficient.
  • Some more minor adjustments and fixes.

And much more is yet to come, stay tuned!


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